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Path to Mandala or Eternal Pilgrimage. Asanga Angya. Those who do not understand their identity face grave challenges. For that reason, I felt that I had to leave something behind of that Pakistan, the one I grew up with. The poems span a lifetime of writing and responding — how did you decide which ones to include in the collection? It was a difficult choice. Some poems are political, some are about Islamic identity.

My rule of thumb was to choose the ones that would make sense to the reader, and weed out the ones that were too obscure. But coming from a boarding school culture, I was also taught the poems of Keats and Shelley. I think I have all these great poets within me. The challenge these days is to convey the sophistication and traditions and the history of Muslim culture. The goal is to show that Muslims have produced some of the most amazing poetry and philosophy through the ages, and to equate this civilization with mindless terrorism is ridiculous. Through poetry, you cut out the controversies and stereotypes and get straight to the heart of the issue.