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And the veracity of dictated narratives is often called into question. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was attributed to various white abolitionists until the s. Aljoe acknowledges that a slave narrative with content not completely in the control of its author can be problematic. It may have been embellished by well-meaning activists or its facts lost in translation.

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But these stories are far from worthless. And, she says, "Given the fact that slaves were barred by law and custom from learning to read and write, privileging the narratives of literate slaves gives us a very short-sighted perspective on slavery. Besides concerns about the authenticity of published narratives, the absence of black women in pop culture illustrations of slavery may be a result of whom society believes is the true victim of American racism and the country's former system of bondage.

In her seminal work, Ain't I a Woman , a treatise on black women and feminism, author and activist bell hooks her pen name is purposely lowercased writes that scholars have advantaged the impact of slavery on black men; even arguing that men, more than black women, were the true casualties of the peculiar institution. She writes, "Sexist historians and sociologists have provided the American public with a perspective on slavery in which the most cruel and dehumanizing impact of slavery on the lives of black people was that black men were stripped of their masculinity, which they then argue resulted in the dissolution and overall disruption of any black familial structure.

That view willfully ignores the fact that enslaved women traveled the same Middle Passage and toiled alongside men, doing the same back-breaking work, even through pregnancy. And it disregards the routine sexual exploitation of black women in bondage-a fact that makes stories about the female slave experience particularly complex. In Twelve Years , Mistress Harriett Shaw, an enslaved black woman who serves as a common-law wife to her master, suggests that giving in to the advances of her enslaver is worth being spared the lash and the inhuman daily existence of her fellow slaves. God, Mistress Shaw says, will one day deal with these men who force their "love" on women, who, as property, cannot say "no.

The bargains that enslaved black women were forced to make with their bodies in order to survive are judged against racist and sexist views of chastity and womanhood and often viewed as a form of complicity.


Frustratingly, it seems easier for audiences to accept the story of an enslaved black woman like Patsey, if a black man , through his impotence to protect her, becomes the rightful victim her of sexual assault. Navigating the thorniness of race, gender and sexual violence makes for a complicated story. Aljoe notes that the written accounts of female slaves are also overlooked because, compared to male records, many don't fit the romantic, heroic quest narrative that society finds compelling.

In Western culture, we celebrate stories like Homer's The Odyssey , where a brave man goes "from abjection to success. Aljoe says, "I think what people like about the [Frederick] Douglass narrative, and others like it, is you have this singular individual who is oppressed and starts out in this very low position and through dint of hard work and perseverance, they are able to 'free themselves. By contrast, the narratives of black female slaves recall another Homeric character- Persephone, the abducted maiden who struck a bargain with devil to survive in hell.

Thank you, Entangled! All three Billionaires in Bondage books are back with brand new sexy covers. I made my deadline!

Actually had enough room to spare to do several good edits passes, added a new scene to tie up a loose end, and then wrote the synopsis and blurb. I think I read it through 5 times, and there are parts that still get me a little teary. This is a holiday novel, and so I wanted to include lots of sentimental, special elements.

Kelsey had a HARD life, poor thing, and Harvey is so damaged that she despairs of ever pulling him out of the darkness. But she drags him kicking and screaming into the Christmas lights. There are a few bombshells and a sweet moment for Donovan and Lilly at the end.

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The Recluse: Billionaire Harvey Caine has despised all things Christmas since his parents died in a car accident during the holidays three years ago. Desperate to get Harvey some help, Maxwell decides to hire a Mistress for the holidays with the hope of giving Harvey something else to live for than his obsessions and guilt. Kelsey has the perfect French maid costume meant to drive the billionaire mad and immediately disrupts his entire life with a sultry tease.

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Happy book birthday to Jackson and Diana! Donovan and Lilly make several appearances to help introduce his attorney and best friend, Jackson Montgomery Warring, and his future Mistress, Diana Temple, aka The Priestess. Open to anyone on the planet. To enter this giveaway, comment on this post as many times as you wish. If you review either Billionaire book, please do send me the link in comments so I can add you to my collection and get an extra entry at the same time! Anything goes! Some books are a fast, headlong rush on a straight, level highway through the night with no distractions, fog, or turns to worry about.

Other books are a slow progress up a towering mountain. The air is fine and thin. Billionaire 2 was the latter. But I never had the huge glorious word counts until the last two weeks. For whatever reason, the book was a slow one.

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It made for a few crazy big days, but I finally finished the book over lunch today, and completed my first read thru tonight while the Chiefs played. I just had to finish, first, and then go back and smooth all the edges together. Jackson Montgomery Warring hesitated before passing the stack of documents over to his client. Shaking his head, Jackson handed him the stack of documents. Jackson checked his watch and took the papers back. His friend sighed without answering, shuffling through his briefcase. Jackson always looked tired.

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But there was an edge to him that had Donovan worried. Ever since I realized what kept me on the edge, so hard and miserable and alone. Standing, Donovan gathered his own briefcase. Though I ought to warn you that she does tend to curse quite a lot. You owe me. Her tongue slowly worked its way up my body.

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Every time she came to a piece of fruit, she opened her mouth a little wider and used her tongue to lick it into the wet areas behind her teeth. As she worked her way towards my now rock hard dick, she bypassed it. She liquidly licked my chest and my neck. She paid particular attention to my nipples, spending much more time than she needed to remove the fruit and juices.

By this time my cock was so hard that it almost hurt. She ran her tongue down my torso in a wet slippery S shape when the only area left was my crotch. I could smell her arousal. She began to lick the areas around my dick, lightly grazing my hard-on. She took each of my balls into her mouth and sucked gently, running her tongue around the surface.

Finally, she started to work on my cock, licking each side. She worked continuously up and down the sides. She took the head into her mouth and pushed herself down on it very slowly, millimeter by millimeter it seemed. She built up the tempo, gradually taking longer and longer strokes. God was she good. She brought me to a toe-curling orgasm, hungrily gulping down my semen.

I thought I was going to cum forever. I lay back spent on the floor and she just collapsed against me. We stayed in that position for a few minutes. After I had calmed down, I stood up and led her into the bedroom.

She's All Mine: Romantic Tales of Women in Bondage

In the bedroom, I unlatched her hands and laid her face up on the bed. I removed her panties and bra, leaving on the garter belt, stockings and heels. I took each of her wrists and ankles and attached them to the four corners of the bed. I went out and got a glass of ice water.