Manual Releasing Your Prodigal Adult Child: Freedom from Codependency

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I attend a non-demoninational church but decided this year to learn more about Lent again because of your blog.

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I ordered two of the devotionals that you recommended….. I, too am a very content introvert so sitting alone and putting pen to paper, writing down my daily gifts and reflecting on them comes very naturally. Thank you for writing, Ann and being so very transparent for us. My latest prodigal parent moment.

Thanks be to God we do not need to be perfect in ourselves or in our parenting … as if we could! I have this quote from the writing of Garrison Keillor above my desk that helps me focus on my primary mission in life as parent:.

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They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted. Thankful for these words today — thankful for His path that led me to your heart, words, wisdom for just this time of need. Im walking, no running back. So very true. As a mother of six who is ready to launch the baby, I amen and confirm what you say. The last thirty-five years of mothering flew by way too fast. In caring for their daily needs and homeschooling for twenty-eight years, though my heart was intent on seizing every single moment to the full, still precious moments got swept away, hurried through, missed, or ignored.

Thank you for sharing this!

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Beautiful words and now I cannot wait for my own son to get home from school- and he is only 7! I want to look at his face and tell him those words that he can always, always come home! Do I cherish my time with them enough? Do I take our time together for granted? A son about to graduate from high school in a couple of months and another son right on his heels next year. My second son would much rather than be anywhere but here and it saddens me. Before long those boys will take flight. Will I have done a good enough job?

Does anyone ever think they have done good enough? Local girl died this week at school in her gym class. I read her obituary in the paper. Just 12 years old. Same age as my daughter. Cannot imagine the devastation her family must feel. And I think to myself, did I hug my daughter before she left? Did I hug her hard or just half way. Cherish them before those times have passed and they are grown.

All things for me to ponder. I sit here in humbled tears having lunch with my 5-year old granddaughter-the one whose daddy is upstairs with his struggle. My middle son who loved his God so much he wanted to serve Him in far away places now struggles to meet God half way. The one who loved his wife and daughter with such unconditional love now struggling to face the day since the wife left him for an old flame and has now divorced my son, taken the daughter miles away and married the flame.

As he nears his 30th birthday he has had to come home and live and search and cry and find his own way back. We will be here to be whatever he needs if we can.

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Praying with you over those precious, suffering sons. God uses it all—He will redeem these bitter times and restore the locust-eaten years. I shared this on my FB page, such encouragement for today. Lord, let me live in the now and love it! So beautiful and so important that it made me weep. How to keep the wonder at the sun on their skin, the twinkle in their eyes, the joy of sharing about travelling the globe with the best news.

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Glad your boy is home with you and that you are enJOYin him back in the embrace of home. My husband belongs to the Lord more than he belongs to me… the Lord longs to welcome him Home even more than I do… I always saw that in terms of God loving our children more than we do, but right now, the perspective is shifting to how He loves my spouse, and what I can learn from this.

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Wow, JD… so sorry! What a sweet spirit you have! May the Lord bring your dear one to Him and back to you…. JD… I am right there with you! I have been praying for my separated prodigal husband for almost 3 years now!! I have some resources I can highly recommend if you would like to contact me!! Prayers to you!! Praying for you, JD. I am so sorry. My husband dances with the bottle more than me.

For yrs now… an addicts life is very messy. Much love. My heart echoes so many of the comments above. I underestimate how much my time means to them. I have never apologized more than since becoming a mom. My life echos your example, and I too realize that moments are slipping by me and opportunities are fading fast away…. Help us, Lord to see those precious faces for the sweet gifts they are, and help us to also be generous with our time and attention. I so needed this, and I thank you for your honesty, I felt alone in my dissapointment of myself.

I turned back tentatively, but I am running now, and so grateful that He welcomed my slowing turning back to Him with open arms and continues to urge me onward! Oh Ann, how I identify waiting at the gate 3 years ago when my 18 year old son was returning from Ethiopia 20 lbs. The exact same feelings as you. Waiting now with open arms for a prodigal so dear to me to come back. Oh the waiting….

Last night I dreamed that my children were 8, 6, 4, and 1 again. They are 7, 11, 13 and 15 now. As the dream continued, I went to buy the tickets, and as I stood there in the lobby my oldest son went laughing out the door!

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He was almost 16 as he is now , and he was healthy and strong and big and fine and happy, wearing a Civil Air Patrol uniform and heading toward a Cessna. He grew up and went somewhere else. Sitting here with tears in my eyes, tears of shame and repentance, oldest daughter a prodigal, oldest son too young to get married getting married in 9 days, younger children still here, Oh God my Father have mercy.

Prone to leave the God I love, take my heart, oh take and seal it, seal for Thy courts above. Judy, you are not alone. My heart is so broken it is hard to breathe, let alone get through each day. We have 13 children. The oldest two are prodigal daughters in their very early twenties.