Manual Gran día cada día: Navegando los desafios de la vida con promesa y propósito (Spanish Edition)

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He was the filthiest human I had ever seen. His neck was dark gray, the backs of his hands were rusty, and his fingernails were black deep into the quick. He peered at Miss Caroline from a fist-sized clean space on his face. No one had noticed him, probably, because Miss Caroline and I had entertained the class most of the morning.

The boy laughed rudely.

Author:Max Lucado

I was on the verge of leavin'- I done done my time for this year. Miss Caroline looked puzzled. The boy did not answer. He gave a short contemptuous snort. One of the elderly members of the class answered her: "He's one of the Ewells, ma'am," and I wondered if this explanation would be as unsuccessful as my attempt. But Miss Caroline seemed willing to listen. They come first day every year and then leave.

The truant lady gets 'em here 'cause she threatens 'em with the sheriff, but she's give up tryin' to hold 'em.

She reckons she's carried out the law just gettin' their names on the roll and runnin' 'em here the first day. You're supposed to mark 'em absent the rest of the year …". Burris Ewell was flattered by the recital. Miss Caroline said, "Sit back down, please, Burris," and the moment she said it I knew she had made a serious mistake. The boy's condescension flashed to anger. Little Chuck Little got to his feet. He's liable to start somethin', and there's some little folks here. Little Chuck Little se puso en pie.

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Es un ruin, un ruin endurecido. He was among the most diminutive of men, but when Burris Ewell turned toward him, Little Chuck's right hand went to his pocket. Now go home. Ahora vete a casa. Burris seemed to be afraid of a child half his height, and Miss Caroline took advantage of his indecision: "Burris, go home.

If you don't I'll call the principal," she said. The boy snorted and slouched leisurely to the door. Safely out of range, he turned and shouted: "Report and be damned to ye! You just remember that, you ain't makin' me go nowhere! He waited until he was sure she was crying, then he shuffled out of the building.

Gran día cada día: Navegando los desafios de la vida con promesa y propósito (Spanish Edition)

Soon we were clustered around her desk, trying in our various ways to comfort her. He was a real mean one … below the belt … you ain't called on to teach folks like that … them ain't Maycomb's ways, Miss Caroline, not really … now don't you fret, ma'am. Miss Caroline, why don't you read us a story?

That cat thing was real fine this mornin'…". Era un malvado de verdad Miss Caroline smiled, blew her nose, said, "Thank you, darlings," dispersed us, opened a book and mystified the first grade with a long narrative about a toadfrog that lived in a hall. When I passed the Radley Place for the fourth time that day-twice at a full gallop-my gloom had deepened to match the house. If the remainder of the school year were as fraught with drama as the first day, perhaps it would be mildly entertaining, but the prospect of spending nine months refraining from reading and writing made me think of running away.

By late afternoon most of my traveling plans were complete; when Jem and I raced each other up the sidewalk to meet Atticus coming home from work, I didn't give him much of a race. It was our habit to run meet Atticus the moment we saw him round the post office corner in the distance. Atticus seemed to have forgotten my noontime fall from grace; he was full of questions about school.

My replies were monosyllabic and he did not press me. Perhaps Calpurnia sensed that my day had been a grim one: she let me watch her fix supper. It was not often that she made crackling bread, she said she never had time, but with both of us at school today had been an easy one for her. She knew I loved crackling bread. Alrededor de las dos la casa estaba tan solitaria que he tenido que poner la radio Jem'n me ain't ever in the house unless it's rainin'.

Jem y yo nunca estamos en casa, a menos que llueva. I wonder how much of the day I spend just callin' after you. Well," she said, getting up from the kitchen chair, "it's enough time to make a pan of cracklin' bread, I reckon. You run along now and let me get supper on the table. Calpurnia bent down and kissed me.


I ran along, wondering what had come over her. She had wanted to make up with me, that was it. She had always been too hard on me, she had at last seen the error of her fractious ways, she was sorry and too stubborn to say so. I was weary from the day's crimes. Siempre fue demasiado dura conmigo. Al fin habla visto el error de su proceder pendenciero, y lo lamentaba, pero era demasiado obstinada para confesarlo.

After supper, Atticus sat down with the paper and called, "Scout, ready to read? Atticus followed me.

I told Atticus I didn't feel very well and didn't think I'd go to school any more if it was all right with him. Atticus sat down in the swing and crossed his legs. His fingers wandered to his watch pocket; he said that was the only way he could think. He waited in amiable silence, and I sought to reinforce my position: "You never went to school and you do all right, so I'll just stay home too.

You can teach me like Granddaddy taught you V Uncle Jack. Besides, they'd put me in jail if I kept you at home-dose of magnesia for you tonight and school tomorrow. Now what's the matter? Bit by bit, I told him the day's misfortunes. Please don't send me back, please sir. Atticus stood up and walked to the end of the porch. When he completed his examination of the wisteria vine he strolled back to me.

Atticus se puso en pie y anduvo hasta el extremo del porche. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-" "Sir? Uno no comprende de veras a una persona hasta que considera las cosas desde su punto de vista Attieus said I had learned many things today, and Miss Caroline had learned several things herself.

She had learned not to hand something to a Cunningham, for one thing, but if Walter and I had put ourselves in her shoes we'd have seen it was an honest mistake on her part. We could not expect her to learn all Maycomb's ways in one day, and we could not hold her responsible when she knew no better. He just goes to school the first day. The truant lady reckons she's carried out the law when she gets his name on the roll-". La encargada de la asistencia da por cumplida la ley habiendo inscrito su nombre en la lista In your case, the law remains rigid.