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I had to build up my courage to start reading. I'm not afraid of a book ; but I had the strange feeling that this story might destroy my love for Linda Kage's work. Oh my god. I was so wrong.

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So very very wrong. This book is everything and more. I loved every page so much. Logan and Paige are two wonderful characters and I fell for both of them. Yep, I fell for the guy who killed another human being. And I fell hard. Logan is one of the greatest characters Linda Kage has created. I cried for him like a baby. More than once I wanted to crawl into this book and give him a never ending hug. Oh boy, this guy literally killed me ughs, strange wording. Paige is the best female character I've read about in a while. She's empathic, independent, loving and an all around great person.

She went through hell more than once but she came out stronger.

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This book touched my heart deeply. I know this is 'only' a NA novel, only one of these too many college romances but it is also so much more. The ending was a typical Linda Kage ending. If you've read some of her books, you know what I mean. She tends to write endings which are a tiny bit over the top but I don't mind. I love this story and the characters with all my heart. I promise to always believe in your work, Ms Kage. I promise.

fighting fate

Dec 28, Pea rated it really liked it. At the beginning I didn't like Paige because she seemed a little bit boring, dull and lifeless. Because of that I was even tempted to put the book aside yeah I know, I do that a lot :. But the more I read, the more she changed. She realised that her presumptions towards Logan were false, she began to let the past go and started to live her own life. At that point I started to like her and I realised that the narrative reflected my emotions. On the other side I liked Logan from the beginning.

He was so eager to please Paige Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not a kinky romance; He dropped a class and grief counseling, so she wasn't upset to see him and at work he arranged that they didn't work together. But nevertheless their paths crossed and they started to have conflicted feelings towards each other. I hate that. What followed was a whole lot of yeas and nary a nay. The happenings at the end are serious and not at all funny but I couldn't resist to roll my eyes about all the coincidences.

And this was my main problem with this book. How much drama is too much drama? Because I think if this was real life none of them would have their HEA and a positive nature towards life after living true all this events. View 2 comments. Aug 22, Aishah rated it it was amazing Shelves: , new-adult , contemporary-romance , book-boyfriends , tear-jerkers.

Fighting Fate (Redwood Pack, book 6) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Linda Kage has me under her spell This is a second book I've read by her under 24 hours and this one was just as perfect as the first one. However it's way more heavier and depressing as it deals with loss, suicide and almost - rape. In fighting fate we get to know two broken people dealing with a haunting past in their own way. Logan Xander made a big mistake one faithful night 3 years ago that has haunted him ever since.

What was supposed to be a fight ended up being a murder. After that he's had a Linda Kage has me under her spell This is a second book I've read by her under 24 hours and this one was just as perfect as the first one. After that he's had a troubling few years since his family disowned him and he has nowhere to go to. He takes his car and driving to the farthest destination he could think of.

Fighting fate: a seventy percent unemployment rate.

He ends up enrolling at Garton though how does he pay for college when his parents disowned him and I don't think he got a scholarship because he wasn't into sports and we never even got to know what he was supposed to major in. Flash forward 3 years later his quiet and peaceful life comes crashing down when his victim's little sister is in the same class as him.

Paige Wuzowski has hated Logan Xander with a fierce passion for the past 3 years. Not only took he away her brother from her, she also lost her mother during the process. Having decided to follow her brother's dream in getting a marketing degree, she enrols at Granton.

Fighting Fate

Never expecting her brother's murderer to be there. But it's like faith is against Paige and Logan as they cross each other wherever they turn. Gradually over time Paige begins to see that Logan isn't all that she made up to be in her head. He's not the conceited, spoiled lawyer son but instead she sees a tortured, depressed soul that also tried to take his life a few months ago.

Trying hard to stay away from Logan, they finally give into their feelings towards the ends of the book and all is well Until a psycho kid decided to go on a killing spree at their university, claiming to do it all for Paige so they could be together, poor Logan gets shot The characters don't get together until the very end of the book.

Though I like seeing the actual development of the two before they act on it. I don't regret reading it for a second though. This was a solid read.

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  4. Very well written. Storyline was also different--which was great for a change. It didn't WOW me but I definitely enjoyed it. It was also a standalone with a HEA! Fighting Fate is the story of Paige and Logan. Paige's brother Trace was killed when he was 18, with the one responsible going free. As a result her dad becomes an alcoholic and her mom ends up committing suicide. Paige's life is never the same. Since Trace's life was cut so short, Paige decides This was a solid read.