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It is up for debate whether using leading-edge process technology for making eSIMs makes sense in general after all, far not all devices require tiny dimensions and expanded functionality of eSIMs, such as crypto-processors , but with 10 million non-standard eSIMs shipped to date it is obvious that there are mass market devices that can absorb such chips even at potentially premium pricing.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The cards are made big because they are supposed to be manually inserted by average folk. SIM stands for "subscriber identity module". If it is soldered on board and non replaceable, then it isn't really a module, therefore it is not a SIM. It is just a minuscule amount of embedded memory.

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Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site. All rights reserved. Log in Don't have an account? Even when the odds are stacking against me on all sides …. In , while writing Regression, I had no idea I would lose my own mother-in-law to cancer a short four years later.

Another summer of mourning, of wrapping up wounds still fresh from the summer before. Then on into another semester…. Of course.

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A rare disorder to be added to my list of stupid things which happen to me. Time for a break. I called it, no rubsies. Getting the tests done. Spending a day doing absolutely nothing. Look at how many words I just wrote! Of course, this semester of my absence appears to be heading for a record number of snow days when busses are cancelled.

Anyway, glad to be here once again, and looking forward to returning to the dialogues and monologues I so favoured back before the days of distress! Now, it is the last three entries I noticed the importance of…with a little bit of flexibility for the actual timing of events, but still within margins of error. And, working backward from this year as the end of all of the cycles together-which would happen at some point, since they are multiples of each other in the same way that in the year we reached the end of a decade, century, and millenium together.

Counting back from , we find:. This is the theory which led me to develop Regression, and is exactly why I started looking into the other dates on the Mayan Long Count, when I noticed the time frame! So, if we take as the end of the complete and extended long count Mayan Calendar and count backwards, the calendar starts with the first truly bipedal humanoid although perhaps even some homo species were around at that time but have yet to be discovered, as current theory states homo evolved closer to 2. I just might have to fit that into Synergy, although I was not planning on taking the long count back quite that far and the story was fantasy, not science fiction!

Just have to see where it heads.

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For research, of course! Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased Regression, Evolussion, and Revolussion. I re-wrote Regression a number of times, and actually am going to work on an omnibus for the holiday season which includes the first draft alternate ending as a bonus. Because I learnt that the book will never be finished until I choose it to be finished, because there is always something which could be changed. When I read Regression, I begin to re-write it in my head, while I am more satisfied with the other manuscripts. So the completion of a manuscript is the point at which you the author think it is finished telling the story.

At least, her story as the mother of humanity. Can I write something else? Science Fiction? I want to try them. And then, I might come back and carry on where Revolussion left off! See, publishing Regression was easy, because no one had any expectations of me.

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But, I do hope the majority of readers enjoy the story. And, that is all I can ask for, that most people are satisfied with the ending.

About Regression: Book One of the Infinion Series

I set a deadline for Revolussion, one that made sense based upon the key date in the story. To be honest, I likely would not have finished the novel without a self-imposed but publicly posted deadline, because life has the bad habit of stealing my time away from me. But, knowing that people were looking forward to the deadline had me stealing that time right back — often late at night again, just like with Regression.

My next project is a fantasy, Synergy Return to Magic, and I have not set a deadline for completion. I reuse. I recycle. I conserve energy. I have no Eco-Guilt from speculating how my actions will affect the planet. Even though I speculate all of the time. No wonder I like to write speculative fiction. Just for fun and this is tongue in cheek! Eco-Guilt is the sense of self-loathing experienced by those who feel they are not doing enough to save the environment. Singles — would live together in dorms just like at University because that decreases the ecological footprint.

Shared kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Shared vehicles or bus transport systems. Thus each person would consume a lot fewer resources in the construction of their residences.

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Couples — those who have children, have ALL the children! Fewer resources are required for a family with six children compared to six families with one child. Unless they moved back into the singles residences, but if they had children they would have to stay together.

Eco-law would force you to live near your work — no, actually, you should live at it. Because that makes the most sense from an environmental standpoint. No pets. This would minimize the need for parts production and storage, if all vehicles had the same batteries, wipers, seats, etc. OK, I was being facetious up until this point. True, I am seeing more of that, but there is a long way to go.

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If we really want to reduce our impact on the planet, we should be looking at ways to streamline our consumption. We will never successfully eliminate consumption stopping cell phone use, computer use, automobile use, etc just is not going to happen , and so we should work to minimize the impact.

About Regression: Book One of the Infinion Series

All those non-interchangeable components for our phones, computers, etc…could we not just have one cable type that could plug into all devices? Yes, but then some companies would not make as much money off of their proprietary items. Think about yourself. How many useless chargers and connection cables are sitting in a drawer somewhere in your home? I spent an hour yesterday trying to find anything which would work with my portable DVD player for the car. If the actual plug was the right size, the voltage was off. If the voltage was right, the plug was too small or too large.

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Science is cool. I was just asked to teach Grade 12 Chemistry…should be interesting! So, of course, the strand of DNA had to become a computer! My husband has been watching quite a few TED videos lately, some of which grab my attention and I lurk over his shoulder I never have much time to actually sit my butt down so tend to graze the Internet. I think my writing reflects that, since I am in an unusual position as a teacher and person, I suppose , straddling the boundaries between not two, but three departments of very disparate subjects. Science is usually paired with math, but instead I have double qualifications in Science and Humanities Psychology augmented by computer experience.

I recognize I took that concept to an extreme with the friction between Adya and the scientists, but I also built upon human nature…people excel in one area, sometimes to the detriment of others. Because of the plasmid taking on a sentient role, the subsequent books headed in different directions than orginally planned. Other posts talk about how unexpected those directions were, but it all points back to the junction point where the plasmid veered off from being a simple vector to becoming an actual character in the story.

I am blessed with a significant amount of success.